Office of the Director of Audit in Saint Lucia

The Office of the Director of Audit is an independent constitutional office. The Director of Audit reports to Parliament. We are dedicated to providing Parliament and the public with assurance about government’s accountability and performance. We also strive to provide important insights into how that accountability and performance can be improved.

The Director of Audit’s mandate, responsibilities and powers are established by the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia, Cap 15.19 (Audit Act). This act provides that the Director of Audit upon request shall have free access to information.

In carrying out its work the Office of the Director of Audit is guided by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) standards. The Office may seek guidance from other professional bodies and audit related best practices around the world.

This website is intended to assist the Office in improving its relationships and meeting the evolving needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We trust that you will find this site useful in finding information about the work of the Office.

Our Mission

To promote greater accountability in the public service through a professional approach to monitoring and reporting on whether monies appropriated by parliament were applied as appropriated; whether expenditure conforms to the authority that governs it on the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of government spending.

What we do

We assist Parliament in holding the Government accountable, by examining the accounts of Saint Lucia. These audits enable members of Parliament to obtain information and to judge whether Government spent public funds for the purposes authorized and whether resources were used economically and efficiently.


We report annually to the House of Assembly, through the Minister of Finance, on the result of our Audits. The report is ready within a period of six months after the close of each financial year. We also prepare special reports during the course of the year.

Press Section

  The Office held its staff retreat on Friday April 28 2017 at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club. The Office has recognized the importance of the well-being of employees in preventing negative issues such as work related stress, low...