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Staff Retreat 2017


The Office held its staff retreat on Friday April 28 2017 at the St. Lucia Golf and Country Club. The Office has recognized the importance of the well-being of employees in preventing negative issues such as work related stress, low productivity, burnout and depression.  Therefore, management thought it appropriate to focus on "STRESS MANAGEMENT". It is envisaged that this retreat would strengthen team building and assist staff in adopting new and innovative ways of managing stress in and out of the workplace. 

Some of the main...

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CAROSAI project "Strengthening Country Systems for Better Investment Results"


Mr. Scott Milne, a consultant has been hired under the CAROSAI project "Strengthening Country Systems for Better Investment Results" to develop a manual and audit programme for the audit of...

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Office of the Director of Audit Awarded Approved Employer Status by ACCA

The Office of the Director of Audit has been awarded the TD-Gold Approved Employer Trainee Development status by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Gold status is the...

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