Our Team

Our team consists of qualified and experienced personnel, all dedicated and purposeful in their stations.


Our management team is as follows:


                     Position                 e-mail                        
  Yvonne James  Director of Audit (Ag)  yvonne.james@govt.lc
  Sandra White - John  Deputy Director of Audit   sandra.white@govt.lc
   Planning, Professional development  
  Gemma Thornil  Audit Principal  gemma.thornil@govt.lc
   Financial Audit  
  Carlisle Marshall  Audit Principal  cmarshall@gosl.gov.lc
  Performance Audit  
  Sherin Thomas  Audit Principal  sherin.thomas@govt.lc
  Planning, Professional Development  
  Joy Stephen  Audit Principal  joy.stephen@govt.lc 
   Financial Audit  
Sariah Jn Baptiste Audit Principal seriah.jnbaptiste@govt.lc
  Compliance Audit  






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